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Gadev Furniture Design makes completely custom-made dining and living tables, metal and wood furniture. Each table is made only for the customer who ordered it.


This will ensure that you have a unique table that will never be repeated. Due to the growing interest in natural products, the company is adapting its marketing policy by introducing a product line of ECO-natural wood furniture that meets the demand on the Bulgarian and international market. Our variety does not stop here, here you will be able to find beautiful lamps, fences, and our newest French metal door together with some amazing wine-holders.

Rediscover the authenticity of the wood by choosing the type and combination of styles with a taste that will fit into any interior. In an industrial, contemporary, or rural living room such as a Dining Table or Coffee Table that will surely find a place in any home. We are specialized in creating individually unique tables, which can represent your image in time. For casual dinners, aperitifs with friends, or family reunion moments.



We are able to offer metal and custom products. Using the latest technology now, it is now possible to cut integral and complex shapes and design patterns into materials such as acrylic, wood, glass, marble, ceramics and metals.


Specializing in bespoke projects, we are able to deliver products to various markets in the areas of marketing, architecture and design.

Utilizing state-of-the-art machines incorporating CNC Punch, Laser and Waterjet technologies, we can offer a wide range of capabilities including welding, bending, powder coating and finishing, all of which can be applied in the fields of construction and interior design, including decorative film adaptation, logos and works of art. We have the ability to cut any model/design from any material with precision, allowing architects and designers to translate their ideas and creativity into reality

Guaranteed Endurance

• 3 mm thick steel

• Electrostatically painted coating

• Italian accessories

• Mechanical modular system for seamless installation

• Reinforced construction

Custom-made railings


320 € per linear meter

Custom-made tables

Custom-made tables

Discounts for retailers, boutiques.


French metal doors

From 489 € per m2

Designer lamps

From 450 €  

Designer legs

From 500 €  


Vine holders


Detachable racks

From 115 €

You can choose from those designs if you want to include them in a specific part of the furniture you want to design. As you have seen the amazing tree legs from the picture above, you might want to have bamboo metal legs. In addition, you can customize your own table in the link to the left, have a try. Each design is named with a specific number. We are looking for creative customers who are willing to challenge us with an assignment that can be unique and cannot be repeated easily. In response, we will give you a price which will be hard to refuse. 

If you cant wait to customize your own piece of interior you can visit our shop and see what we have in there!

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