Prefabricated Wooden Houses

From an architectural point of view, a prefabricated house is no different from that built by conventional construction methods. Style can be contemporary or carry the spirit of different eras.

From a structural point of view, the prefabricated house is fundamentally different from monolithic construction. The main supporting structure here can be metal or wood. When designing these buildings, all the requirements that are mandatory for the monolithic construction are met.

It is the construction of the wooden prefabricated house that underlies the advantages over conventional construction. These benefits can be divided into several main groups:

  • The impact of such a house on the health of its inhabitants.

  • The connection between these houses and nature and how they help to improve the environment.

  • The performance characteristics of the prefabricated wooden house make it energy-efficient and significantly reduce the monthly household expenses.

  • The natural materials used and the good insulation have a positive effect on the comfort of living and create a coziness that is very difficult to achieve in conventional construction.

  • Prefabricated houses are earthquake resistant.

Building Solutions

The ECOZID prefabricated houses use wooden beams and columns to ensure the structural strength of the building. The outer walls, as well as the internal partition walls, are made up of light wooden panels. The roof in the prefabricated wooden houses ECOZID may be single pitched, gable, in four levels or multilayers, the tiles may be concrete, ceramic, bitumen or stone slabs (slab-stone). The facade layout of the wooden prefabricated houses is diverse and is not limited to the materials used. The finish can be mineral plaster, wood paneling, siding, stone cladding or composite panels. In general, the wooden structure allows everything, although the most authentic and "in Bulgarian" is the white plaster, the visible wooden structure, and the wooden lining.

Developing eco-friendly, future-oriented building solutions is our commitment to society. This influences our overall business model and production strategy. From the selection of materials and suppliers to the design of construction details, all components are perfectly matched.

For the production of prefabricated houses and prefabricated buildings with timber frame construction, ECOZID uses high-quality timber and high-quality insulation materials. We carefully select each material and are proud to announce that the production of ECOZID is entirely based on natural materials. In other words, all our products are 100% natural, environmentally friendly and produced in Europe.

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