The investor as a craftsman – that is the ideal option for the brave and capable, for those who want to do things themselves, in order not only to cut costs but also to give their home that extra personal touch. With the Ecozid rough construction completion option, you get the perfect platform for your own design. The mounted construction, as well as the façade finishes and roofing, are included; the rest is in your hands.

The Ecozid bare walls option is for those who want to take their time with the final touches without making any compromises with the technical details – a well-balanced solution that helps you save money without losing quality. In addition to the rough construction, you can profit from our experience and professional services in the assembly of the electrical installation, integrated plumbing and ventilation as well as floor screen laying.

Turnkey construction is the all-inclusive service for those clients, who want to reach the desired goal quickly and stress-free. With this Ecozid option, our clients receive perfect final quality in combination with a maximum guarantee for the complete reference date.

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