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The structural elements are prepared in the production base of the company in the village of Cherganovo, Kazanlak municipality. They are made of softwood with a residual humidity of 12% to 14%, which characterizes it as dry wood.

The quality of the wood and its special treatment guarantee the absence of diseases and pests.


Structural connections are flexible . Due to this, they are extremely reliable in earthquakes and hurricane winds. They are made with special stainless steel fasteners from ROTHOBLAAS for wooden structures . The wooden structure is firmly attached to the reinforced concrete base by anchor bolts.

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Ecozid use ISOVER and KNAUF mineral wool as the main insulation material. Mineral wool does not rot, is resistant to cold and heat, has low hygroscopicity, does not burn and is not attacked by rodents. Proper orientation of the fibers also provides fully effective sound insulation, better than other thermal insulation materials. As a natural rock material, cotton wool is environmentally friendly and also non-flammable, which allows a relatively affordable price and its effective use for fire protection at the highest flammability class A1 (according to BDS-EN 13501-1)


In the constructions we use OSB boards from KRONOSPAN . They are used in wall panels, roof tiles and mezzanine structures. This is a high quality European product, with application for design purposes requiring dimensional stability and load resistance. OSB3 is manufactured in accordance with the requirements of EN 300. The technical parameters fully cover the requirements for load-bearing structures in humid environments. Slabs are an environmentally friendly material.



As a finishing facade coating we use polymer facade plaster by Terazid - Smart Line and Weber . The main advantages of polymer plasters are their high water repellency, the unlimited variety of colors in which they can be painted and their very high crack resistance. Due to their high elasticity, polymer plasters are very suitable as a finishing coating on thermal insulation systems, because they can very well absorb the temperature changes in the thermal insulation boards.


For interior cladding on walls and ceilings we use Knauf plasterboard . Gypsum plasterboard is a building material in the form of a board. It is two layers of special paper (cardboard), between which there is a gypsum core.

» Plain (GKB) - used for dry and indoor areas and is usually white on the sheets.

» Moisture resistant (GKI) - used for damp and wet rooms, usually green.

» Fireproof (GKF) - used in rooms with increased requirements for fire resistance dressing fireplaces, etc. It is usually red on the sheets of cardboard.



 It is applied in all areas of dry construction, including kitchens and bathrooms in homes or rooms for similar purposes. Used to improve sound insulation and fire protection, shortens construction time, suitable for underfloor heating. Gypsum fiberboard is a mixture of 80% gypsum and 20% cellulose fibers from secondary paper, which is pressed into boards. It combines the qualities of the four types of drywall with greater strength.

In our passive houses or low-energy prefabricated buildings ECOZID , gypsum fiberboard is used in the construction of thermal insulation and sound insulation in floors.


»Roof insulation - PAVATEX provides protection from rain, noise, cold in winter and heat in summer.

»External insulation - PAVATEX insulation boards are used for thermal insulation and protect the enclosing structures from moisture retention.

»Internal insulation - thanks to its diffusion permeability, PAVATEX insulation systems help ensure a healthy microclimate in the building.

»Floor insulation - high strength of the insulating floor building materials, manufactured by PAVATEX , used under screed, asphalt and dry floor construction systems, provide peace and comfort.

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» Slabs used for cladding the outside of roof structures and walls. They provide diffusion of moisture from the inside to the outside and protect both the structure and the insulation material from the effects of any moist air inside.

» Insulation material for installation in the wooden structure , natural material with excellent thermal insulation properties.


Choose the type of roofing for your prefabricated passive or low-energy house with a wooden structure.

» Ceramic tiles Company WIENERBERGER .

» Bitumen tiles of the Canadian company IKO .

» Metal tiles with polymer coating in different colors.

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»PVC - The drainage system is manufactured by" DEVOREX ". The CLASSIC PVC system is characterized by strength, resistance to extreme temperature conditions and ultraviolet rays, quick installation. Available in different colors.

»Metal - Drainage system with polymer coating in different colors.

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»PVC joinery - We offer 5 or 6 chamber profile with double or triple glazing of the companies KMG , Profilink and Salamander. 

»Wooden joinery - Products of ADVERSO , whose wooden joinery is certified by the Passive House Institute , which is indisputable proof that it meets all the standards for a passive house .



 Interior doors are made of MDF, and we offer the products of our long-term Bulgarian partner EUROSTILL and the European market leader for interior doors, the Polish company

CLASSEN . Take a look at their design solutions and an extremely wide selection of interior door models in different colors.




»Entrance doors from HÖRMANN . Discover the wide selection of exterior doors from manufacturer № 1 in Europe. 

»Garage doors - All HÖRMANN garage doors have successfully passedlong-term tests in real conditions, which guarantee the creation of advanced series products with the quality of the HÖRMANN brand. For this reason, as well as thanks to the excellent technical solutions and the uncompromising quality guarantee, HÖRMANN receives a 5-year warranty on all garage door and operator door operators.

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»Granitogres - a  material characterized by exceptional hardness, strength and durability. It is these qualities that make it an ideal construction product to be used for flooring on terraces and balconies. Covering the floor with granite provides secure protection against the ingress of water and other liquids. In addition, it is an extremely strong and impact-resistant building material.

»Decking - this is a natural solid parquet for outdoor use. The wood from which the decking is made (Teak Siam, Ipe, Heat treated ash, Eucalyptus and Pao Oro) contributes to the unique strength and wear resistance. 


Here the variety can be great depending on the customer's wishes. We offer:


»Laminate flooring - strong and durable flooring that is quick to install and easy to maintain. Available in various decors that mimic the color of wood.

»Three-layer parquet


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Interior painting of walls and ceilings with Bulgarian paint "Leko Interin" of the company "Orgachim" AD.

Water-dispersion paint is an environmentally friendly product that allows the walls to "breathe". It has excellent whiteness and lasting silky luster of the coating. In addition, this paint is easy to maintain and resistant to wet rubbing and washing.

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